Monday, October 12, 2009

Meeting the Parents

As noted, there have been a lot of changes in my life. One of them being the begining of a new relationship. While, of course, this brings about a lot of fun and exciting times, it also makes me very thankful of my past five and a half year relationship-as I was able to avoid a lot of awkwardness for a long time.

Because of the nature of my previous relationships I have never had the experience of "meeting the parents." All of my past boyfriends parents already knew me before I was dating their son.

Not the case now. My current boyfriend is from Florida and is only in Birmingham for school (BSC). That being said, I have yet to meet his mother. Luckily, both of our fall breaks are this weekend and we are going down to Pensacola along with his older brother (also a BSC student) to spend the weekend and let me meet the rest of the family. I am a little bit anxious, not going to lie.

But, I am taking down a batch of cookie dough truffles.........bribe....yes!

Currently, taking any tips or words of wisdom on "meeting the parents!"


Joseph said...

If they don't like you then they are morons.

If they don't like your truffles then they are crazy.

If both of the above are true then you need to rethink the new relationship because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree genetically speaking.

Alexa said...

You are awesome Joseph!