Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Special? Like stop eating the paste special?"

For the past couple of nights I have been spending some quality time with my sister watching her all time favorite show, Gilmore Girls. Thanks to Adam and his parents she has the entire series of the show. I am not near the GG fan that she is I think I have seen 10 episodes total. But don't worry, Jordan is going to change all that.

It is so great to have a sister. She is truly one of my favorite people and one of the most fun people to be around, ever.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Red Bull, huh?

As I woke up this morning to the rude blaring of the alarm on my cell phone, the idea of getting up and going to school really didn't appeal to me at that moment. After all, nothing significant was going on today: Notes can always be borrowed, right? Thus, the snooze button on my phone quickly became the most popular button on my phone for the next thirty minutes. Eventually, I came to the realization that although a day out of school would be nice, I wasn't really going to skip class.
So with very little motivation I got up, fixed breakfast and got dressed for class. (Saying that I got dressed for class here is very misleading. Really, I put on a long sleeve t-shirt and sweatpants to complete "the college look" I put my hair in a ponytail and neglected to put on makeup.)
My first class was predictable- a few notes, interesting discussions, etc. Before I knew it class was over and I was glad I came. Off I went to my second and final class for the day. Once in class, I had the regular disscusion with those sitting arround me concerning finals and topics for our final papers in that class.
The professor walked in and began setting up for class, so there was the end of all the classroom chatter. As she was begining lecture, in walks a guy with a FedEx hat carrying a case of Red Bull. He asks if Alexa Duchock was there. I somewhat hesitantly raise my hand. He walks over to my desk and sets the case of Red Bull on my desk and tells me they are for me. Crazy....somewhat embarrasing....confusing. Then, he handed me his clipboard (a standard, brown, not standard FedEx equipment I am guessing) and tells me to sign for them. So I signed the very unofficial piece of paper that just had my name written at the top with a line for my signature on the bottom. I am at least observant enough to notice that this guy wasn't from FedEx. This is a prank right...where are the cameras...you can come out now Ashton!"
Once Mr. "FedEx" had left my professor asked me if I knew where they came from. I didn't. I was so confused. In my mind I was going through all the possibilites-when had I ever given my name to Red Bull? what have I done wrong or right? and who did this? I attempted to give away some of the Red Bull to no avail. When it became obvious that the mystery of the Red Bull was not going to be solved, my professor began class. Yet my mind was far from feudalism, I wanted an explanation. It was not that I minded being called out in front of the whole class, after all I got something for free, but I just wanted to know why.
About half way through the class the girl who sits next to me, who always asks to borrow my notes, tells me I should drink one. She tells me that they are the new Red Bull Cola's that aren't even for retail yet. I turn to face her and smiled as I asked her why I got them. She explained that one of her best friends (Mr. "FedEx") works for Red Bull and that it was a promotional campaign. She put my name down becuase she thought it would be funny-which it was. After class, she told me she wished she had not told me it was her, but that I just looked so confused that she had to tell me. I was glad that she told me becuase if she had not I would have most likely spent the evening interrogating all of my friends.
Again, I tryed to get rid of some of them. Again, I had no such luck. So, I got my work out for the day carrying a case of Red Bull the two blocks to my car. They now rest peacefully in my refrigerator. After writing this I am going to try one-only 23 more after that! Any Red Bull fans...I might just be your new best friend.
...and I thought nothing blog worthy would happen!