Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where are you summer?

Quick, think of the word "summer." What comes to mind? Is it the image of children at the pool, memories of family vacations past, or perhaps it is the image of someone relaxing on their front porch sipping on lemonade.

My summer is a bit different than that. It one word-Busy!

Sunday's --My favorite day of the week! This day keeps me on the road as I travel from Gardendale to Forestdale to Gardendale to Kimberly to Gardendale to Forestdale to Gardendale and, if need be, a few more pit stops along the way! But I get to see some of my favorite people on Sundays! Worth the drive!

Monday's--Starting June 1st I have Blazerette practice at 7:15 in addition to my VP responsibilities! I love to dance. I took two years completely off of dance, I realize now that it was a huge mistake to stop. I realize now that you have time for the things you WANT to do. And as corny as it sounds, I am never more happy than I am when I am performing!

Tuesday's --DEPTH practice--6:30 till 9ish!

Wednesday's--USGA meetings!

Thursday's--Second favorite day of the week! VP practice 6-9 with group ballroom at 8:00...if you haven't been, you really should!

Friday's and Saturday's---Finally free!

This is in addition to those other things that might require some attention over the summer! JORDAN'S WEDDING, APAC, my independent research!

This post is not a complaint! In fact, I am luck that I get a summer that I can pursue these interests! And, as I said before, you make time for the things you want to do. I made the choice to do all these things. This post might, however, explain why sleep is a rare commodity!

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