Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm black

My sister is a brave, strong girl. She is a kindergarten teacher at Adamsville Elementary.

Wednesday I decided to visit my sister at her school and read to her class giving her time to write in agendas and work on any testing she needed to get done. All day Jordan had been reminding her class that they had a special visitor coming that day so they needed to be on their best behavior.

I walked into a room full of hushed five year olds. As I walked to the front of the room one of the girls told Jordan that I that her and I looked a like. Jordan did the teacher-y thing of asking why would we look a like and then explained that we were sisters. The kids thought that was the coolest thing!

We all gathered on the carpet and I read a cute book called A Bad Case of the Stripes. While reading the book, and for the rest of the day I had so many funny questions and comments.

One boy asked repeatedly if I was a rock star. About the 50th time I told him that I was in fact a rock star.

I was asked if I was Hannah Montana? If I had a mom? and other such questions.

Yet, by far my favorite part of the day was when a little African-American girl came up and put her arm next to mine and gave me a skeptical look saying, "You ain't Miss Duchock's sister. Miss Duchock is white!"

Later when I told Jordan about it she said that a boy asked her what I was mixed with.

I find this interesting not only because it is amusing, but because it is not the first time that it has happened. While observing at Parker High School several students asked if I was mixed, then more recently, when I was visiting my mom (who now works at my old high school) the students later asked my mom what I was mixed with.

Where did this come from? I had finally gotten use to people asking if I was a foreign exchange student (yes, this really has happened) in addition to my "Yes, I was born in Alabama" because apparently I do not talk southern enough. But that's another topic.....


Shawn Stinson said...

You just have that exotic look...Wait, did that sound inappropriate coming from your minister of music?

I think it's just your cool kinky curly hair.

Samantha said...

Yes Shawn. Very inappropriate.

"No, I know you live in Alabama - but, where were you BORN?"

May said...

I get that question frequently as well. Kids normally take my arm and turn it over so they can see the inside of my arm and ask if I am black or mixed. I love it! I worked at a summer camp for a couple of years and I tan VERY easily... the kids always wondered why I didn't burn like everyone else.

Jamie said...

I am not black or a rock star. I feel short-changed. Or at least short. You can at least relate to that.

Thunder said...

Well, that would certainly explain a great deal.

...a couple of weeks ago a girl came up to me and started speaking fluent Spanish. She seemed genuinely insulted when I looked at her in confusion.

It's us pretty people. They just can't believe we're...vanilla.